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I don't have much else to say on the topic than what was already said in that thread.

I can get a bit more technical on the topic though. As it was said before chat bubbles were a huge performance hit on the game when we had initially implemented them in beta. We're talking upwards of 400Mbs of video memory used on chat bubbles alone. Nameplates had the same issue. We fixed nameplates but have not had time to do the same with chat bubbles. If you played in beta and saw our initial implementation of them they weren't very pretty or as fully featured as we'd like them to be. So, yes, we would like to implement them again, but when we do we want to do it right.
Chat bubbles is like the group finder. MMO things that is so normal they are standard features in
any MMO from launch today. And one dont need to be a roleplayer to like chat bubbles.