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01.17.2013 , 06:33 PM | #6
First, I'm going to be honest. I've yet to fight the Emperor on my JK since I've had a few screw-ups along the way that necessitated me starting from scratch.

But I've read these forums quite a bit, and from what I've read and seen on YouTube, the Emperor was nearly-unbeatable originally, than got nerfed for one reason or another. Now, someone said Angral is the 'Emperor fight' for the Jedi. To me, this is not true. I beat Angral pretty easily compared to Kira's Brother on that asteroid facility. Every other boss in the game thus far (I beat Angral last night at level 32), I've dealt with in one go except when there's a bug at work (this happened with Malcovic). I think one of the main reasons is because Valis, like others have said, is the 'training mission' for using interrupts as often as you have to later in the game. I was using interrupts like crazy with Angral, but with Valis I was barely using them until the final time I did it, a few days ago.

I'm almost not looking forward to the Emperor fight simply because I know its nerfed to the point that if you use interrupts and such, you can kick his *** in a little over or under a minute, depending on your spec, or if a bug is at work that keeps the Emperor from fighting you for some reason. But I'll do it, simply because I enjoy the story of the game and I'm hoping to see more additions to the game as time goes on.