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01.17.2013 , 06:01 PM | #13
Rob mentioned lack of combat logs.

Does the team not take information, like TORPARSE for example, as solid evidence for classes underperforming? (in actual playing environments)

i have done extensive testing and provided substantial evidence on how specific classes, Mercenary specifically, is underperforming in both PvE and PvP realms.

while i understand the difficulties involved in class balance, and the tight rope walk needed to maintain proper balance, the proof is there.

as an early beta Mercenary Firebug, the utter lack of usefulness and playability of the Mercenary class in PvP, and it's underperformance in PvE (in direct comparison to its tank mirror) has finally made me stop playing a game i once loved.

now that i've got that outta the way...

Hi, Rob!
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