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an off topic but I cannot resist ( ok I can, but making such comments put me into a better mood - after all forums about fictional characters rule my world and allow me to spread my own personal english grammar, or something like that ):
while jedi are picking stones,
defeating fleshblobs
cuting one derranged ex padawan
and traveling mountains to meet old woman with lekku

Siths slay monsters, fight ghosts, slay big Sithspawns and gain weapons from ancient tombs, cut thro dozens of rivals

I wonder, how in the seven heavens jedi are even able to stand against a Sith without running away, ah, this one is covered, no emotion, no fear - easy kill ( for Sith ).
after completing Korriban academy I was feeling like totally elitely elite of doom and destruction,
after Tython, well, I got a robot that made weird noises and my wonderful lunatic council told me that there is dark in the galaxy ( I wonder, how dirty their floor is if they invite so many people into council chambers )

but on topic:
1. stone was located strongly in earth/ was larger than was shown ( but they used a common rock model for it )
2. no, there is no other explanation, this big rock was supposed to be pretty big
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