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01.17.2013 , 05:37 PM | #787
When it comes to class balance and PvP, what do you think is the most common misperception and why do you think that is?

That the designers favor one class or another (or one faction or another). Not just in The Old Republic, but in almost every game I’ve worked on or played in, there develops a sentiment that the designers “hate” one class and “love” another class. Beyond being a terrible business idea, all of the members of the team play different classes, so even if we wanted to favor one class over another there would be internal conflict on what class that would be.  I understand why it happens, when players see their class issues go unresolved while other classes get fixes and improvements, but I promise you it has nothing to do with what class we have chosen to like more than others.

So, we can all safely assume the DEV team have all agree to hate merc/mando.