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01.17.2013 , 05:33 PM | #512
Well we certainly shouldn't assume how "thick and heavy", it'll all appear, before we actually see it. personally, I think it should just be added normally, just like the original game, a flirt option here and there with a same gender counterpart. As for actual romances? I'm sure they mean something like you can have a relationship with a/your long-term contact on Makeb.

Future companions (if there are any) will probably have this as a priority - provided you're not already married to your padawan or something.

I don't think such a big song and dance should be made about this, either by us, or Bioware. It should have been more a "by the way, same-gender romantic interaction is being included in the game from Rise of the Hutt Cartel onward, and while we have no plans for new companions in the short-term, inclusion of this new feature is a priority"