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01.17.2013 , 05:29 PM | #534
Server: Harbinger
Location: Omaha, Ne.
ISP: Cox Cable

This is getting to be unplayable for sure. Since your patch two weeks back, I've been going from 88 ms upwards to 15000 ms until I end up getting kicked from the game. Sure I can gamble with the server stability and try to do some quests, but I've died more than once doing so and that gets expensive. I can even get bad lag spikes while in space missions. Sure as $#&^ the game lag spiked and crashed me out as soon as I'd used my quick travel trying to bypass all the trash mobs I'd had to kill to get to the zerka base on Tattooine. Come back and I'm still there, yet the quick travel was used, thanks for that. Had to waste time fighting all the respawned trash mobs all the way back again.

If this isn't resolved soon enough I'll just give up the game again and go play something else. I resubbed for two months, but you'll have to get this fixed before I resub again after my game time expires. Enough is enough.