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01.17.2013 , 05:23 PM | #30
Experiencing the same. Was able to sub around Xmas, was able to pre-order expansion, was able to buy a bunch ( a LOT bunch, not a little bunch) or cartel coins, then suddenly, poof! NU2001, and no more coins for me, since like Dec 28 I think it was. Tried adding another credit card, won't accept it. Tried yet another different credit card, won't accept it. Try using paypal, it comes up with "General error" (exact wording).

Submitted a ticket like the error says to do, got a reply that I need to phone.

Called customer service, long distance, no toll free number (because that's somehow good service???), sat on hold nearly an hour (because I need more long distance phone charges, y'know!), and got told "we can't help you, call back at 1pm EST. Called back, sat on hold half an hour, got a useless tier 1 idiot who said "I can't do anything, but I created a ticket number, give it to the next person who answers". Sat on hold for 2 HOURS!!!! before getting a very nice customer service guy who tried everything to fix the problem, even tried putting a purchase through on his end for me - which he got the same error messages - and finally determined that he has no explanation for why I cannot buy, and it definitely is not the 24-hour daily limit security thing. He forwarded my ticket up the ladder, and since then, I've heard....nothing. Still cannot buy.

I wonder if the game will even be able to stay running as f2p, when you won't even collect money from hundreds of customers, possibly thousands, who WANT to give it to you!!!! I've never heard of such an insane business plan!

I'm at the point that I'm considering demanding a refund on the expansion, and moving on to another game that actually wants business.