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Hm, curious I'm liking this, even if I have never met the characters involved.

Iresso's companion questline is, to be frank, weird.

The backstory from the game (which I should probably put in the opening post now that I think about it, lol) is that Felix had been captured by Imperials before you meet him and, although he's missing the memory of it, apparently an Imperial doctor somehow (they never really say how) transcribed a Sith holocron into his head at the direction of a Darth Ouzel who was an expert in holocrons. (They also put one in his buddy's head, which made the poor sucker crazy.)

The holocron in question had been lent to Ouzel by the Dark Council for translation, but Ouzel decided to keep a copy for himself (probably secretly, but they don't actually say that to my knowledge). Then Iresso escaped (they don't say how) without any knowledge of what they had done to him. They had Jedi healers take a look at him, but at the time could find nothing wrong. During his questline, he finds his old buddy who had gone crazy, tracks down the doctor, and she tells him what happened.

So it got me thinking...

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This gave me a happy.

Thanks for reading, peoples! Hope you are enjoying!
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