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01.17.2013 , 05:16 PM | #1
I've heard Powertechs can put up numbers as good as any other class, but I really don't see any reason you would want a powertech over a marauder, juggernaut, assassin, or even an operative (rare as they are) for melee dps.

They don't have a gap closer like all the other mdps have, they don't have a CC (neither do juggernauts, so that's somewhat excusable), they don't have the utility of stealth, raid buffs, or intercede, I don't think their energy management is very good, and most importantly, THEY HAVE NO THREAT DROP. A powertech who can put up numbers absolutely requires a guard, which makes it a pain on tanks if there's 2 other dps that demand guards. The juggernaut barely has a threat drop, but enraged defense is still better than having no threat drop at all.

The only time I can see powertechs being useful in raids is in cases where an off tank can be useful, such as for absorbing an incinerate on firebrand so your tanks don't have to switch. But that's nothing assassins and juggernauts can't do as well, if you even want to go by that strategy.

Am I missing something here? Like I really don't see any reason a powertech should be used over any other mdps available. I don't want to tank with my powertech because I already have an assassin and powertech tanking looks way too bland for me.