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Quote: Originally Posted by jasoneth View Post
That's brilliant!

Any chance there's a way of visually differentiating the HoTs and DoTs you've cast on the target frame (or in the raid frame) , like making them larger, different background, underline... something?

Even just physically separating buffs from debuffs (as they are on the target frame) on the raid frame would be ideal.

Raid healer here hoping for more.
Quote: Originally Posted by EATtheDEAD View Post
Don't know if anyone has mentioned it already or if it's already on your list of upgrades, but I would really love if my keybinds could be saved and loaded like the Interface Editior.

I roll alts out the *** so it gets tedious to have to redo all my keybinds a billion times.

Both of those changes aren't as simple as they might seem. With that said though, they're definitely on our list of improvements to be made eventually. No ETA at the moment though.
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