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Kel Dor speak Basic and Falleen's could be in the game, what just because they might not incorporate the pheromones doesn't mean that they can't be added.
i just want Kel Dor that was my vote for the next race i wasn't saying we couldn't have it B^P as for the Falleen... i just think it would for one be really really hard to get what they do to translate in game... and if i cant basically control people with my pheromones it wouldn't be nearly as fun nor would it be true to their race. im just saying if they are complaining about non basic speaking races being a bad idea then falleen should also fall into that category.. a lot more work would go into making them just like making a non basic speaking race.

as for them saying that just listening to non basic speakers in game make them want to punch the scream maybe they should have done a lil more work and not been lazy and made it sound like they were actually speaking a language and not have some bad voice actor read random words unattached and then try and peace a few together and hit repeat every few seconds. that's what i hear constantly in game is a few random words that sounds like my GPS is talking and then repeated over and over and over again.... THAT is what makes it annoying!!! and like someone else said just kuz it takes us 5 min to say something that don't mean it will take a wookie that long to say it!! Just think of Mandarin... that crap takes for ever to say a 5 word sentence but in English only a second or two