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Looking for a guild in the forums is probably an exercise in futility, but here goesÖ

Looking for a late night (raiding starts after 10:00-10:30 PM to 2:00 AMish server) imp guild. Open to whatever day except Thursday night:

My Sniper (my first imp 50) hit 50 4-5 days ago and Iím looking for a home for her. She is in halfish dreadguard/halfish campaign, so Iím interested in a guild that is doing TFB HM regularly and beginning/grinding on EC NiM. Iíve m/rDPSed, tanked, and healed through TFB HM any number of times and have completed everything below (I have the least experience tanking of all, though Iíve done every ops fight at least). Iíve only ever had a few pulls on EC NiM and this is something I would like to start trying. I have a tank Assassin at lvl 30 that can step into 61/63s when she gets to 50, and am planning on a Pyrotech and a smash Jugg eventually.

I also enjoy PvP, if thatís something that your guild does. I have two WHs and two BMs pub side, though now I mostly just PvP for stabilizers now. I have all crafting professions and can craft something in the order of 22 26s and 12 27s (give or takeóno hilts/barrels yet), so those services would be available to the guild.

Also, looking for a pub raiding group to be a part of (though not join your guild at this time), to get some more (or at least regular) ops pulls during the week. Same times as above:

I have a Sentinel (mostly 63s) and Sage (majority 63s) DPS, a Scoundrel healer (half 63s), and a Vanguard tank (mostly 61s) to fill a raid slot. I would prefer not to do the same role all the time, however.

I'll also note that I have no interest in 16-man.