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Yes from a pve perspective I do agree with some of the points. From a pvp point of view this is totally not true. Both project and disturbance have their places in terms of single target burst and pressure, Also every hybrid takes effusion, at least 1 point is more than enough to make you not ROOF.
I'm not sure if you've looked at the sage hybrids since the last skill tree readjustment, but there is no currently viable sage DPS hybrid which takes TK Effusion. The standard hybrid build, and really the only one that is viable right now, is 1/12/28. In order to get TK Effusion, you would have to give up the DoT enhancing talents in the Balance tree, which is a MASSIVE loss in DPS. Being able to use Project on cooldown doesn't even come close to offsetting the loss of these talents.

Now, there may be some PvP healer hybrids that take TK Effusion, but I have a hard time seeing it. Such builds are not viable in PvE at all.

Oh, and regarding Disturbance… Seriously, cut it out of your rotation. Its burst is lower than just spending that GCD on another Telekinetic Throw, and it's a far weaker skill than Project if you're kiting. The only time you really might use it is when Project is on cooldown and you NEED to move. Even then, it's pretty unlikely that you're going to see that situation without having Mind Crush or Force in Balance up.
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