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Hello Mr. Hinkle, since you mentioned you play a Lethality Sniper, I wonder if you have an answer to this.

One of the things that I find to be a problem currently is that if you have two Lethality Snipers in an Operation, they can consume each other's weakening blasts. This makes it a bit of a pain. Any plans of fixing this? Also, there seems to be issues with both AC's and Lingering Toxins causing players to still be in combat when they come back from death in both pve and pvp encounters.

Also, on the subject of combat logs, are there any plans on making them a bit more detailed for players? What we get in the chat window is very limited, and even what we get from uploading parses to web services seems a bit sparse compared to what I'm used to with other games. (I will admit this could also be the parser designer's fault, as I'm not really good and reading the raw logs myself)
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