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01.17.2013 , 04:24 PM | #1 there I was watching the new episode of Criminal Minds last night and I was brought to tears!

And today talking about the show, it had me thinking, why not expand on the storyline of character with losing your romance!

It was heartbreaking but it shows you just how into it you are! Make Chapter 5 the death of your romance option and it can have an NPC you pick up along the way as you seek justice/revenge of the same spec!

This would have the added bonus of changing the crews up a bit more amongst the players! Some would lose a male companion some would lose a female companion, and then replace them with a new one (whether they should be romancable or not, I'm not sure, possibly so people don't go "Now Im single! Noooo!"), but for those actually into the storyline, this could be that heart breaking moment and then a storyline of seeking justice/revenge, I think it would be a great next chapter!