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If i do make pretty much every class, Inquisitor, Bounty hunter, Agent, Warrior ect.. you know what crew skills i should take on each char?
That's pretty much why I made the guide A lot of the time people pick crew skills for their class based on what they can craft first, and the other bonuses second. If your going to have several different characters you can look at things a bit differently. Not only look at what crafting skill is best, but also look at whats the best companion to feed things to your other characters. Vette is great at sending Treasure Hunting materials over to your Artificer, and Vector would be great for Diplomacy items for your Biochem. Just be aware of what levels you need to be to do it... and you could farm materials in one gathering skill till you hit a certain level, and then switch over. All depends on what you like the most.

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I have 2 inquisitors , after reading your guide.

My first was a tank. He gathers (profiteer). Took Bioanalysis, treasure hunting, and slicing on him. My 2nd took artifice, archaeology, and treasure hunting. The companion bonuses are phenomenal on the inquisitor. I can make literally millions in a week with just these 2 toons.
The companion bonuses aren't bad on inquisitors, but unfortunately they are bad for a crafting specific skill. The effeciency bonus doesn't make enough of a difference, but some of the critical bonuses are good... like Andronikus and his Slicing crit. In fact, both of my inquisitors have slicing, but I leave my treasure hunting to my warrior. Yes, I could save more time with Talos, but in the end it's going to cost me more money to get the same number of purples that Vette will... and the way I play time isn't an issue. Its great that your making it work your way though... you don't need to really min/max the crafting skill system to make money at it... but... it also doesn't hurt

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