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Maybe we can work out a schedule of some sort to make this all work ?
You'd be best to contact either myself or Totherkins via whispers in game, just cause there's too much hostility in the Imppvp channel that we can't regulate.

With regards to super queuing, speaking for myself only I've only really been 4 manning, and to be quite honest the reason for this isn't to do with not wanting to super queue it's actually because i can't be bothered sitting about for ages waiting for the joint pop lol, at least I'm honest about it :P

The people in my guild who do super queue, and yes there are people who try to do it, without mentioning specifics, are generally people who really about barely above average for a PUG. and i know they have lost to pugs before. Super queuing is something we are trying to discourage. HOWEVER, we can't really tell people how to play the game and sometimes (and im sure you will understand this as an ex Imp) people are going 5/6 games getting stomped even in a 4 man so for them to super queue is actually understandable.

As i said , it's not something we promote but it does happen. And im sure you can understand why.

But to end on a positive note, yeah get in touch with me and toth about rateds or that, we would like to play you guys again seeing we actually have a more organised team as opposed to troyy screaming smash over and over again, derp derp derp

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