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"Well that wasn't well done of me," Jese groaned as she slowly got up, rubbing her head. She could hear sounds in the next room: muttering and swearing and occasionally the sound of something breaking.

"Everything okay?" Zenith asked, leaning out from the conference room across the hall as she emerged from her room.

"Not really," she said with a tight smile.

"Need help?"

"No, I can handle him."

"Your call," he said with a raised eyebrow, "never seen the lieutenant go off like that."

"It's been a rough day," she said. Zenith shrugged and went back to his correspondence.

Jese peeked into the holotransmiter room.

"Can't be," Tothav whispered, his tone near panic as he flipped through the screens of one of the consoles. He turned around and reached a hand toward one of the statues on the side table and strained, but nothing moved. "It's gone!" He slammed Felix's powerful hands down on the surface. "No!"

Jese lifted him with the Force, taking no chances this time.

"Let me go, Jedi! You who have never known the rush of true power! I am ruined!" He raged and spat and swore.

"Let Felix through," she said calmly although her heart raced.

"Or what?" he laughed, his anger making a mockery of the sound, "Perhaps I should just remain in charge. You would like that, wouldn't you, little Jedi?" His eyes crawled over her body, his gaze like a weapon.

"You can't," she said simply.

"Don't insult me," he growled.

"You can't," she continued, "because Felix's mind is what gives structure to that space you two share. You may be able to take over from time to time, but he will always be stronger. Always. Besides, he's more stubborn than anyone I have ever met."

"A pathetic Force-blind? Stronger than me? I am Darth Tothav. I have destroyed worlds!"

She smiled a mean little smile. "Not any longer. Now you're just a recording that was left behind and downloaded into my fiance's mind. You have no connection to the Force, no powers, and no future unless..."

The sour look did not look good on Felix's features. "Unless what?" he spat out.

"We call a truce. You agree to allow Felix through, and we find some way to sort this out."

"Hah! You mean to destroy me, to obliterate me from existence!"

She examined the man hanging in midair. She wanted Felix back. This echo of ancient Sith was just wrong.

"If you don't agree, we will certainly find a way. Sure destruction or the possibility of existence."

The disgust on his face twisted his face into the antithesis of good cheer and determination that was Felix.

"Fine," he spat. His face froze for a second and then the muscles relaxed, adjusted, becoming familiar. Jese let out a huge breath and lowered Felix to the ground.

The soldier shook his head, as if to clear it. "Well that was different."
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