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Question for you: Do you feel that Cartel Packs are a dishonest way of getting the maximum amount of Money out of players by having them gamble for items they want.

Rather than go into the cartel maket and spend a set pre-determined amount of money on an outfit or speeder or pet or whatever you decide to put the most sort after items such as the revan mask or other outfits/pets/emotes in the Cartel pack.
Sure it increases money gained by a lot but at the same time it is also a mechanic to limit the distrobution of certain items. If they put the Command Throne, Nihilus Mask, or White Crystals for sale directly everyone in the game would have them and there would be no uniqueness to those. So while it can lead to greed and revenue it also has some benefit to the game world. At least I believe it does.
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