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Have a look at the long running poll on new races. Wookiees and Droids have a lot of votes, last time I checked Wookiees had the most votes.

Cel Cawdro's Ultimate "Community Desire for Species" Poll is the thread name. BioWare doesn't like for us to link to other topics so I won't provide a link. I can update that wookiee is no longer the top vote getter in that poll but it is still very popular with the third most votes.
And the phrase, "the customer is always right," is idiotic. The customer may think he/she knows what he wants when in reality, he/she has no clue what the real consequences of that choice are.

Take wookies as a playable race, when players voted for that did they FULLY appreciate that the character would not speak basic (English)? Probably not. They just think it would be "cool" to be able to play Chewbacca.

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Personally, I disagree. Although it completely depends on how it's done.

For example, myself I do not speak Japanese. Can I watch anime? Yes, most definitely. Heck, I even prefer it watching subbed over dubbed. Not understanding the language, doesn't make me want to punch in the screen.

Nor do I truly speak French. Sure, I can order a beer, buy some bread, etc. whilst in France. But a conversation? No, that's too far. However, I most definitely do not mind watching movies in French with subtitles. It by far makes me want to punch in the screen.

And the same goes for some languages in SWTOR. For example Jawa's making their sounds, are all fine to me. I most definitely wouldn't object to playing as one of them.

But there's also some alien language spoken by some which sounds like some sort of mutant fly is doing the talking. I most definitely wouldn't want to listen to that every quest no.
I had a long drawn out statement, but it boils down to are exception not the rule.

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if people hate alien speak..... there's a REALLY simple solution to your problems. don't play that species!! omg i know, it's so cutting edge! but trust me, it works! and when you're spacebarring through your flashpoints, you still won't have to hear it! omg, right?
But if 98% of the population (an exaggeration but probably not by much) will not play the species then why make it in the first place? Why cater to a miniscule minority when there are plenty of species that 98% will play?

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One thing I don't really understand is why a race like the togruta (Ashara Zavros's species) wasn't included. I remember reading your reasoning a while back for why we only had human-like species and it made sense from a cinematic perspective. It wouldn't be plausible or realistic to have a jelly fish talking to someone without them saying, "What the hell are you supposed to be, anyway?" [Insert Hanar joke here.]

But togruta is no more alien looking than twi'leks. Neither are Voss. And they are certainly less alien than cathar. This is one of the few aspects of SWTOR that is a real turn-off to me and quite puzzling. I don't understand why there wasn't more variety for playable species in a Star Wars game, a universe known for its alien creatures.

The whole notion about the main characters in the movies all being human misses the point. This is an MMO. Not a movie. And in an MMO, any time you sacrifice customization for cinamatics, you lose the spirit of the genre entirely.

Which can translate into people leaving.
Because then they would have less to add and entice players with later. Every MMO does this: they come out with a core set of species, and then every so often they announce "we are adding species X." And guess what? player population goes up. Whodathunkit? It's a marketing scheme nothing more nothing less.