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Is anyone else annoyed about Debates, Politics, Nobama this Nobama that. I don't come to Fleet to talk about that stuff and its difficult to announcing Crafting/ LFGs/ in-game questions when the MMO is not made up of solely US issues. If i wanna talk about politics, i'd take that outside of my gaming i mean really.

So, just an idea whether thought up, or not, Can Bioware do something about a Filter or a Debate Channel that people can spam on that instead because as of now we do have tabs that take chat that discusses those politics/ events that's non-Star wars related.
It sucks I know but your gonna have to deal with it. The people who have these conversations basically suck at the game and have nothing to offer(they don't trade items, they suck at playing the game and can't offer you advice either) you anyways so just set them to ignore you will be better off.