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Arthen's Secret Base

Arthen moved quickly down the pristine hallways of his base, the end of his labcoat swinging behind him. As he rounded to the back entrance, he stopped, eyes narrowing as the figure emerged from the hidden stairway. "Xon Rainor," Arthen stated impassively.

The Miraluka Jedi stopped as he encountered the Miralian. "Arthen Kole. It has been some time, my old padawan," Xon returned the stoic tone. "I am merely here to return a holocron to the Republic. I advise you do not interfere."

"Any holocrons stored here have been properly bought, receipt and everything, and are all my property, as is the flight of stairs you just came down," Arthen replied icily. "I suggest that if you come into my home, you abide by my rules. I am no longer the padawan you had so long ago."

" odd thought. I do not recall purchase being equivalent to theft, old friend." Xon retorted. "Though I would prefer you be the padawan I had so long ago, I have no quarrel with you. Step aside as I retrieve the holocron and bring the thieves to justice."

"Perhaps you'd like to describe this holocron you're chasing, and I may show you my collection? I can assure you, I stole no holocron from the Republic," Arthen offered, one hand coming up in a careless gesture as he shrugged. "And then afterwards, maybe you can leave me alone to my experiments?"

"Lavender, of Rakata make," Xon crossed his chest, then shook his head as another thought occurred, "I sense...darkness in you, old friend. Have you learned nothing from me?"

"My experiments have led me to touch the Dark Side quite a few times; it is a siren song, dancing in my ears. . ." Arthen murmured the last part, his eyes unfocusing for a second before nodding his head, glancing again at Xon, his hand stroking his green chin thoughtfully. "I've collected a blue Ratakan, a red, a yellow, but lavender? None of Ratakan nature. Pray tell, what would be on the holocron that would interest the mighty Republic and Jedi Order?"

Xon sighed, "I would think an esteemed collector of holocrons as yourself would have more. As far as what it has, I can only say that it is a map to something the Jedi Order believes cannot fall into the wrong hands. Hands like yours if you do not turn back from the dark path you have been on since our last meeting, at least."

"I'm not eating children over here, Xon. My experiments are almost entirely scientific in nature, meant to benefit, not slaughter," Arthen's tattooed face spoke of annoyance. "Kindly refrain from attempting to cast me as "The Devourer of Worlds" until after you see my work." With that, Arthen motioned for Xon to follow him.

The elder Jedi followed Arthen. "For whatever reason, understand that I cannot take you at your word."

"Oh ye of little faith, I know you won't. You never did before," Arthen dryly remarked as they moved quickly towards the chamber where Arthen housed the other datacrons and holocrons. He motioned towards the walls. "As you can plainly see, no lavender holocron."

"Not so fast," Xon spoke sternly, "I know for a fact that that very holocron was sought after by someone taking up base in close proximity to Club Vertica, and the holocron was spirited here, per said directions and where I tracked down its thieves. I sense the Sith that was there when it was stolen in close proximity. Putting two and two together, you should know that we Jedi are not allowed to believe in coincidences."

"Then allow me to assure you this once again: I do not have it. The Sith you speak of was caught snooping in my home, perhaps looking for this holocron of yours. As you can see," Arthen gestured to the wall of holocrons again, "none of mine are missing. And once I find out how the Sith got into my base, I plan to send her back into the Empire, since she is not your property, and both the Republic and Jedi have no jurisdiction on Nar Shaddaa, I will not turn her over to your custody."

"I still have no reason to trust your word," Xon retorted with a growl. "This is a vast complex. I would prefer my search thorough. I still sense you are hiding something."

"You didn't even listen to me as your padawan, let alone trust. I should have suspected the same today. Search then, but stay away from the Sith. You are not to go near her. I will be waiting here." With that, Arthen turned away, holopad already in hand as he began to catalog new info.

"Believe what you want to believe, Arthen. From my point of view, I listened to you and trusted you at a time. That moment is gone. I realized that over the years. If you would have finished your training as I would have liked you to, then things would have been much different," Xon shot back as he began searching the complex, starting with double-checking the wall of holocrons, then searching every crevice of the room he was in. Not finding the holocron in there, the Jedi Master conducted a thorough search of the complex, not going near the Sith nor any of the prisoners or other inhabitants, not sensing the holocron near the latter's chambers. Disappointed, he returned.

"Either you hid the holocron near the Sith herself, or you legitimately do not have it, padawan," Xon resigned. "You were somewhat cunning in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if you left any surprises."

"Or perhaps, just maybe I've been telling the truth this entire time. If you're so frantic to find this holocron, perhaps you should intercept the Sith once I've released her," Arthen responded neutrally. "If you're done, I will have someone escort you out."

"Do not be so complacent, my old padawan," Xon replied stoically, "I will not leave any stone unturned. You may not have the holocron out in here, but I still suspect you have something to do with it. You forget that my Force-augmented sight permeates what normal sight cannot." The Jedi sighed, "I am finished here, for now."

"So, let me get this straight. I let you ransack my home for your holocron, provide no resistance to searching anywhere you please except for my prisoner's quarters, and, even being a Miraluka, you could not find the Force signature of the holocron. And yet, you still believe I'm the prime suspect," Arthen set aside the datapad, turning to look at Xon. "Get out of my home, you arrogant pr*ck." Arthen snapped his fingers, and at once, a butler arrived near him. "Escort Master Rainor from the grounds."

"I believe you mean I sensed it nowhere I could go without you whining about it," Xon growled. "This whole complex embodies your own arrogance. If only you listened to me back then, if only you have learned something back everything would have been different. Alas, that moment is no more. I will leave, but do not think that this is the end, padawan." Xon turned to the butler, "I'm ready whenever you are."

The butler nodded, moving slowly as he led Xon back to the entrance he came from.