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I guess I should have been more specific when I said customization. I was talking about species diversity. In WoW at launch, you could play any of the traditional high fantasy races, plus cows and undead. Then they added draenei, wargen, and now pandas. That's the kind of diversity I'm talking about. They didn't just offer recolored humanoids.
This is true, but it's also true that the majority of players tend to not want to play the "wierder" races. The most played races are humans, blood elves, and night elves. I read an article recently where the GW2 developers were complaining about how everyone is rolling human warriors when they thought they put their best work into the non-human races. Regardless, I think that SWTOR's cinematics are its strength and it should play to its strength. Some may feel that variety of playable races is more important than cinematics, but I think at that point you're wishing for SWTOR to have been made a completely different kind of MMO. I happen to have mostly stopped playing WoW because I like what SWTOR offers better.

Maybe at some point they'll make more interesting species playable, but I totally agree that they will need to speak basic. This fortunately does leave a lot of options open, still.
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