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CM great post, the second one. I find that my guild Uncensored has some issues with the pug teams too. If I'm not mistaken the pugs teams are running 5 days out of 7. That is essentially stopping Uncensored from queing as a guild and getting the highest form of competition (if other full guilds would queue, not playing against pugs). When I made my ranked warzone ideas thread, I wasn't expecting kickball nights to happen this often so this problem never came to mind to me. I was also hoping the kickball nights would motivate players so step up their game and queue full guild. I don't want kickball night to stop. In fact, even if we consistently had 5-6 different full guild queuing, I think everyone would still enjoy mixing it up 2 days per week. But, the situation isn't good enough yet to stop doing pug ranked group.

Now, of course, you are the one running the show on pub side, and I am grateful for it. I try to do the same on imp side, which mostly result in getting only 1 pug team usually composed of a mix of teamluckyseven and transcendant players. Furthermore, I do not think Unicorn Stampede is doing this to roll pugs, you must keep in mind imp side is a hell lot weaker then pub side and that some of the good players aren't always willing to help the pug group I make 1 or 2 days per week. Also, we said that "weaker" guild can queue full to improve. Now I think Unicorn has reached a point when they shouldn't be considered a "weaker" guild, like Teamluckyseven.


Hmmm what I wrote isn't really clear so this will be the actual important part. I think we should reduce the number of days pug ranked is being done OR agree on some days the guilds that can queue full can queue without being resented against. I have been called out by Yuri about that and I understand why he would be upset about me queing with full Uncensored last monday. Also, since imp side is weak(both in quality and quantity), it is harder for imp side to do pug group so Unicorn can hardly not queue as a full guild.

Anyway, I'm posting this from class at university, during the break, so I don't have term to write something more cohesive, but I absolutely do not want ranked wz to go wrong again, I'll do anything I can to help, here I'm trying to talk about some factors that I feel have not been taken into account enough.
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