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12.20.2011 , 04:10 PM | #8
i'm an assassin dps.

say there's a group that has, say, 2 strong level mobs and 2 normal mobs. i will typically kill off the 2 normal mobs first even if that's not the one the tank is attacking.

i do this for a couple reasons:

i noticed a kind of lack of multi target attacks for tanks at my level of groups (lvl 22), unless they just decide not to use them around me. i also don't have any aoe attacks except the one that pushes all the enemies. but a tank got mad at me for using it so i quit using it unless i'm pushing enemies into a trap area. but my point is, those mobs have to die faster than "one at a time." trash should not end up being an endurance fight like a boss fight.

normal level mobs are underestimated in large numbers. killing them off quickly reduces damage the tank takes a lot. so, once they're aggro'd to the tank, all it takes usually is one Maul and a Thrash to kill one off. and i can usually handle a strong level mob without help from the healer, especially since i can seethe after the fight.

there are other situations where i'd attack other targets but those are too "in the moment" for me to remember. and obviously i attack any elite leveled mobs that the tank is attacking.

i don't consider this "tanking" or not allowing the tank to tank. especially when this method works wonderfully in my groups. the idea that dps should just attack what the tank is attacking is retarded and very limiting to any kind of strategy. tanks complain that they have all the responsibility and yet they won't give anybody any of it even if they wanted it.