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We will also be running a RP Event with our 10th Anniversary

Update: Date and Time Changed; This Event Is Being Marged With The 10yr Anvniversary

Location: Dromund Kaas, Kaas City, the Spires of Victory.

Time: 10pm EST on Jan 25th

From: Agent Cima'Garahan
From: Darth Marr
Subject: Civil Unrest In Kaas City

My Lord; I have intel from my sources within The New Imperial Guard that they are planning too stirring up trouble and inciting the citizens of Kaas City to take to the streets in protest what they call weak leadership and incompetent people in power; they have said this has resulted in the Empire’s recent losses to the Republic. But seeing that this is the Capital of the Sith Empire, we believe they are hoping for a massive crackdown; because their real goal here is mayhem.

Agent Cima'Garahan

Protesters (NIG) will begin to gather by the Spires of Victory around 10pm on 25 Jan. Crackdowners (TIG) will line up opposite.
Commander Veda Ra
The Imperial Guard