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Hello DeludedAussie,

While I can understand your frustration, this is simply not true. We are handling the issue to the best of our ability, but we do need your assistance in order to do so. As we replied to you in your ticket on the matter, please contact Customer Service per phone.

Thank you.

Hello xescorpion_prx,

As stated in our replies to your tickets, you do need to contact our Customer Service department per phone.

Thank you for your understanding.
I have that and called, the phone support tried to brush it off on my bank first, until I kept hammering that it wasn't and couldn't ever be. So I was moved a level higher. They too at first tried to blame it on my end, but again I kept hammering with reason and even made the steps while calling them... In the end they said it was on YOUR end and they'd move it up the ladder, which was beyond phone support.

I can now buy 60 days, but still no recurring subscription. I am guessing the recurring one is no option, which I mentioned I could understand while I called them. Yet it's still there for my preferred payment method.

In the end I made the following thread and hope it's going to be considered:
Might help if people leave (constructive) comments in there, even if they just say they don't feel interested in it buy can understand that others are, or discussing the examples I put in there..