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So there's Doc, Torian, Quinn, Vector, Lt. Pierce, Corso, Doc, Andronikos, Tharan, Iresso, Talos,
I'm not really familiar with all of them, but I feel like Doc would be out, and Tharan clearly only loves holograms. I almost felt like Torian might have at one point been considered as a SGR.
Agree with that, totally. Can't see Tharan come out anytime soon and I don't really get any gay/bi/pan, even herosexual vibes from him.

Iresso strikes me as purely straight, but since I've romanced him with my female Consular, I might be biased here. Not sure if my opinion would change, should I play a male Consular anytime soon.

That of course would leave the male Consular with zero SGR options with current companions, which is interesting. Either they do change some of the existing companions which would be a little awkward or they might add a new one, should they be up to implementing SGR with companions for all classes.