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We probably would never make a non-English speaking player race. I know it seems attractive, but simply put, hearing alien for way too long drives you crazy. An early build of the game had Tython populated by a race other than Twi'leks, and after about the fourth quest, you want to put a fist through your monitor.

So any races we add in the future will need to plausibly be able to speak basic.
One thing I don't really understand is why a race like the togruta (Ashara Zavros's species) wasn't included. I remember reading your reasoning a while back for why we only had human-like species and it made sense from a cinematic perspective. It wouldn't be plausible or realistic to have a jelly fish talking to someone without them saying, "What the hell are you supposed to be, anyway?" [Insert Hanar joke here.]

But togruta is no more alien looking than twi'leks. Neither are Voss. And they are certainly less alien than cathar. This is one of the few aspects of SWTOR that is a real turn-off to me and quite puzzling. I don't understand why there wasn't more variety for playable species in a Star Wars game, a universe known for its alien creatures.

The whole notion about the main characters in the movies all being human misses the point. This is an MMO. Not a movie. And in an MMO, any time you sacrifice customization for cinamatics, you lose the spirit of the genre entirely.

Which can translate into people leaving.