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true. skill > fotm kiddies. but, it's still mind-bottling.

i haven't played in a week (playing TSW w/ wife), and i don't really miss it.

i do miss the SW universe, my characters, PvP, and the fluid/intuitive gameplay. but, the more i've played lately, the more frustrated i have become.

and, tbh, it's refreshing. no more dailies, running the same FP for the 300th time, making hot laps on the fleet, complaining about the good ol' days (pre 1.2), and utter disappointment at the futility of the Merc class, my personal far.

my passion for gaming, and MMO's in general, has been worn down. and this twitter poll, or w/e it is, is a prime example, as well as the continued lack of communication, bug fixes, added content, and west coast server issues.

the bottom line is $$$. not to create a highly entertaining game. i would love to be proved otherwise. but, all the facts, evidence, and history of this game just don't convince me.

once the fully-voiced MMO, kotor 3-10, fell on its face, and people ate thru the content, and 1.2 "ruined" PvP, what was left?

1 WZ, 2 FPs, and an OP in almost a year? server stability on the decline, MORE bugs, less content...

i guess my mind's made up. and i don't think Makeb, based on this game's history, is gonna win my heart back.

so much potential, pissed away. just like 98% of all MMO's the past decade.
100% agree.

the fact this game is the only star wars mmo is really the only reason i am still playing
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