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01.17.2013 , 01:24 PM | #5343
Personally, I'd like to be able to romance Mako on my female BH. I never really felt comfortable with Torian. He just isn't her "type".

If you look at the different companions out there, a lot of the male companions are odd alien types, which makes them less likely to be a romance option, while most of the females are near-human and at least somewhat attractive. So when it comes to the idea of male/male romance, obviously you'd have to leave out Quezen, Gus, Skadge , Blizz, Khem, Xalek, Bowdaar, Broonmark, Yuun, any droids, etc..

Some of the other humanoid types that have no current romance options could be a maybe, like Zenith, Gault, Tanno, Scourge? (lol)

So there's Doc, Torian, Quinn, Vector, Lt. Pierce, Corso, Doc, Andronikos, Tharan, Iresso, Talos,

I'm not really familiar with all of them, but I feel like Doc would be out, and Tharan clearly only loves holograms. I almost felt like Torian might have at one point been considered as a SGR.

I'm speaking theoretically here, I'd be surprised if they went back and made old companions SGR compatible any time soon.
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