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Sad that Ashara is the only female companion for SI. I'd rather eliminate her than romance her. I think it is a good start to have the option on NPCs for now. MY SI would absolutely romance someone (male or female) just to meet her personal goals.

We can see how it is received with NPCs and maybe then decide to put resources into more complex companion stories.
Agreed on Ashara. If my SI could romance any romancable companion regardless of gender, I'd still pick Andy over Ashara, but that's because I think out of the options, character wise, he comes off better. Though I do wish he'd be a little less "Shoot em in the face and watch them bleed."

Probably where, while I'm pro-sgr, I'm not OMG IT HAS TO BE SGR FOR SGR SAKE. And why I come off as rude to others I'd prefere to pick who my characters get with based on more than just their gender And while I'm sure there's a lot of people who like Ashara, most everyone I've talked to in game all hate her

But hey, I like Quinn and he has a lot of detractors