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Hell no. I'm a subscriber. There's no reason Bioware should value every twits feedback over mine. Gathering feedback on social sites drives me crazy - I feel like they give feedback from people who don't even play the game the same weight as mine.

that's the way people communicate nowadays it's crazy.

i'm such an outcast because i don't tweet, use facebook, or carry my cell phone when i go out.

sadly, that's where they get their opinions and numbers.

my wife asks me all the time, even tho she knows the answer, "did you see the SWTOR stuff on facebook?" i get more info from her, from facebook, than i get reading the forums or gaming websites.

that's just another reason why i'm fed up...

*EDIT* what the f**k happened? is this how our parents and grandparents felt about "technology'? i find all this social media and reality bs to be lazy, unintelligent, and insulting. it's garbage!!!

oh, and get off my lawn!
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