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This is what Cookies does in there down time. They pit 7 warriors and 1 PT against 6 lightning sorcerers (we didn't have enough), 1 assassin, and 1 PT against each other. Those big meanies were bullying those sorcerers so ha- oh wait a minute... the sorcerers won all their games. To be fair we let them have the civil war and there was also a Hypergate I didn't post, but Sorcerers won that.

Here is both videos of the shenanigans:

Part 1

We have Voidstar first. This was the game that was meant to be a serious test just how well the FoTM would stand up against their direct counter, the bubble stun. In a real game they could have easily taken the doors, but should they release a TDM warzone, Lightning Sorcerers are the champs.

Part 2

This one a little less serious and more for gits and shiggles. In the middle of the game we decided to test just how OP smash is. You'll notice because they wiped us in a matter of seconds. Also we were all playing Madness.

As with the post I made in the PvP forums, I warn you, there is a lot of Benny Hill and Cotton Eye Joe music in these videos.