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Personally, I disagree. Although it completely depends on how it's done.

For example, myself I do not speak Japanese. Can I watch anime? Yes, most definitely. Heck, I even prefer it watching subbed over dubbed. Not understanding the language, doesn't make me want to punch in the screen.

Nor do I truly speak French. Sure, I can order a beer, buy some bread, etc. whilst in France. But a conversation? No, that's too far. However, I most definitely do not mind watching movies in French with subtitles. It by far makes me want to punch in the screen.

And the same goes for some languages in SWTOR. For example Jawa's making their sounds, are all fine to me. I most definitely wouldn't object to playing as one of them.

But there's also some alien language spoken by some which sounds like some sort of mutant fly is doing the talking. I most definitely wouldn't want to listen to that every quest no.
I love watching subtitled shows personally. This is totally different from what we are experiencing in the game, for the reason that I stated previously: They aren't real languages, they're just a small set of words that keep getting repeated over and over and it really does start to grate on me. Listening to a foreign language and listening to gobbledygook have a different effect on my brain. They're fine in small quantities, but the more I hear them the more they bug me.
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