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I never managed that. the pre blade barrier numbers for hybrid are less (hence better). those numbers were me trying to work backwards, I have updated numbers.
I'm talking about from the very beginning (whereupon I'm pretty sure you were originally using time-til-death as your original metric of comparison, not post-mitigation DPS so you bounced between "high is good" to "low is good" between your 2 calculations) where you somehow thought that 4% Shield contributed more than 4% K/E DR. Even if you didn't realize that the hybrid got more out of Blade Barrier, it should have been readily apparent that, based purely off of the passive benefits, that the hybrid takes less damage. I can only guess that you simply thought that the hybrid didn't get Blade Barrier *at all*, which simply points out that it would behoove you to research the given specs a bit more before you go about drawing conclusions from them.
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