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01.17.2013 , 12:35 PM | #2
I didn't experience connection or ping issues.

I have, however, been unable to log in and couldn't play: last Saturday night, during prime time hours, trying to log back in, after my client crashed. At that time, I also noticed that most-to-all of the other North American servers were FULL / VERY HEAVY (mostly FULL at around 8:00pm - 9:00pm EST and later on in the evening). i didn't log back in until some time after 3:00am, so I don't know how long it lasted for.

With the success of F2P, it has given us more people to play along side or against with. YAY!! So now it seems that BIoware needs to increase their server capacity.

Or... it could just be a seasonal fluctuation - as in the holidays affording people to try or buy this game during the 'Decembuary' months. My guess is that, after a few weeks or so, some may find other interests, and log in less.

...But... What do you think will happen when 1.7 goes live and the new "limited time event" begins?

Yup. This recent FULL server thing, IMO, may just be a preview of what is soon to come.

So....Bioware.... Please pwease pweeeeezz... add more server blades *crosses fingers and toes*