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The update on page 1 read (To me) that it wasn't going to actually produce a match because of the new server forums, though I didn't quite understand it.

I went through anyway and never got a match, so I wasn't sure if that was my criteria, or because of that.
When they reorganized the forums this last time, they introduced individual server forums, so each guild needed to create new recruitment threads to go along with that. Any guild that didn't create new threads (and provide an update to me so I could update their records within the quiz), and were included in the quiz, had a broken link on their information shown when they were a recommended guild in the quiz results. There are still a number of guilds I'm trying to get an update from, but for the most part, all links in the results are now accurate.

The quiz itself has always worked, but the links to guilds in the recommended list displayed upon taking the quiz, is what the update was referring to.

If you're not seeing any results, it's most likely due to the criteria you're using - things like "What language does your ideal guild primarily use?" is probably the most limiting option at the moment since as of this post, there's only one guild included that chose a different language than "English" (and currently, their recruitment link is broken), so if you're choosing anything different, it won't show you any results.

I would recommend leaving all the initial filters as default (although server choice is a viable filter since the list is based on guilds selections and will only show a server that has been selected by at least one guild in the quiz), and trying from there. You also need to remember, as mentioned in the OP:

Quote: Originally Posted by Dink View Post
What if I'm not happy with the guilds it recommended?
It is impossible to please everyone, but let me provide some insight into some of the reasons you may not be happy with the results. Chiefly, you must understand that the quiz can only work with what it is given. If you want a guild that does not exist, it cannot create one out of thin air, and thus you will be unhappy. Also, you should know that if you are of a very young age, your selection will be severely limited because it will not display guilds that will not accept you at your age (quite literally, as I write this, approx 90% of guilds in the quiz have a minimum age requirement). Additionally, if you specify a language, it will only recommend guilds to you that speak the language you are interested in. If it is not a common language among SWTOR players, you may be recommended very few (or zero) guilds. These are just some of the reasons and they are intentional design decisions.
Hopefully, by changing your criteria some, you should be able to see a list of recommended guilds.
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