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Can't see how being a crusader is Jedi-like. It's more towards the Sith ends. They invaded and killed thousands. Yeah, the Sarracens weren't any better (for some parts), but at least Saladin didn't kill others because they believed in something else which his counterpart did. The crusaders are arguably like modern day Al-Qaeda to the western world.
same sense as the others.
Your referring to myths not facts, Saladin's armies slaughtered thousands and it was holy war. The Crusades started in response to an Islamic war of conquest that spanned 5000 miles as far as Spain (started 1 year after muhammed's death well before Saladins time). Saladin then rose in response to them and when he retook Jerusalem the only reason Saladin spared the citizens was because they were of greater value to him alive, not for some moral reason, read his own journal to see this. He was disgruntled when talked out of slaughtering them, but history favours the winners and he was happy to let people believe he took the moral high ground. Richard then rose for the third crusade, got to the gates of Jerusalem and decided enough was enough and his armies withdrew. He and Saladin then agreeing on peace.

Both were great military commanders, genius', they were obsessed with each other and both would have made the greatest of Sith Lords. Both would have made great Jedi as well though, if you read much more of their
(and others) journals, and taking into account the age in which they lived.

EDIT: Also The Knights Templar were an order created to defend pilgrims travelling to the holy land, they are one of the major influences for the Jedi ideal.