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I'm the first to admit i've trash talked a lot in the past and i've tried to change my ways because it was reflecting badly on myself and my guild. But in the cases of trash talk you're speaking of towards your guild is because of the stuff i mentioned in my troll post which you of course missed the point in and towards shatterman who told your guildies personal stuff which was then used against me by people like troyy pjb etc.. I clearly love this game, look at all the time i spend on it and my trash talk / troll posts towards unicorn stampede are me voicing my opinion and many people on this servers opinions of your guild as far as the ranked situation and regular warzone super q'ing. Your definition of fun might be unfair bully play in my opinion can you agree somewhat ? When you super q in a regular warzone you're ruining the game experience for the people against you. As far as my original point for my post in this thread , get a clue there was no ranked q's , i've sat there many nights in q with a full ranked team and only q's we got were either stopped after we beat the random team we encoutered or we got word from someone in uncensored they wanted to play otherwise no q's were popping. As far as our elitest guild dying ? we have enough to q for a solid ranked team pretty much any day of the week read this post for further clarification . So i'm clearly frustrated with the guilds deciding to q up against our pugs because there was barely any q's for months and now all of a sudden people wanna q ? But at the same time ld 50 was being accused of killing the ranked scene , i don't know what else i can do to help the pvp / ranked scene at this point.

Xilriso you seem like a level headed guy and i'm sorry if i came at you guns blazing if you want to talk in game and squash this its fine but hopefully you and others will understand that all i'm doing is trying to bring a little life into ranked because i love this game and will understand that stomping our pugs will discourage people. Maybe we can work out a schedule of some sort to make this all work ?
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