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How can a Sith Pureblood and a Chiss share the same legacy if there not ven the same species?
While the Legacy system allows for Rivals and Allies, I get the feeling, that much like me (and I could be wrong on this), you see the last name feature and think that's just silly to use. Rivals and allies having the same last name.'s what I did!

Miriluka (Miraluka?) Consular is the start of my legacy (not my main and very low level)
Adopted Chiss daughter (kidnapped and made into a slave and then taken by the Sith due to force abilities...basically the given storyline).
Her other children are Cyborgs that I see as Half Human/Half Miriluka, so that explains why they have eyes (as nothing I've seen in lore says half breed Mirilukas still lack eyes...though could just say they're cybernetic eyes)