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I understand it and I can see how the point appears compelling. I don't agree however.

Whilst it is reasonable to assert that long alien dialogue would be annoying it is not to say there isn't a way in which it can be made tolerable thus enabling players to enjoy the elements of playing a non basic speaking race that they are after.

Alien non basic dialogue doesn't need to spend as long saying the same thing. Something that takes 30 seconds to say in English might only take 10 seconds in Wookiee.

Don't forget, when its non basic alien noises you are going to be reading the subtitles anyway after which you can Spacebar.
Bioware/EA didn't spend all that cash on voice actors though just so we later become a wookie and listen to him growl for 2 Weeks while you level. They also aren't going to rewrite the storys dailog to accommodate a couple new races, that content is done and you shouldn't expect or even want it to be revisited. I understand how cool it would be to play as a wookie or jawa but you have to realise thats more of a fun goof around idea. Even if the voice acting wasn't the barrier swtor being a serious game is a barrier. In no way would a wookie, jawa or yoda class even fit into the class/stories we have.

Like I said I understand it would be cool to play those kind of fun races but it doesn't belong in a mmo like this. Playing those kind of races belong games like the force unleashed or star wars kinnect once you complete the game normally and can play through again as a wookie or something.

I would love to see more races added into the game though, bioware has lots of options they can go with. I hope they don't nickle and dime us for them either !