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01.17.2013 , 11:27 AM | #5335
To elaborate on my former post, it seems as if the writers are already working on re-working current companions to some degree or at least they have a kind of To-do list of that sort. One recent tweet from Hall Hood seems to point in that direction, and he didn't seem all that averse to opening up, for instance, Corso for SGR, although of course we don't know what will happen. *crosses fingers*

More money available in general should be good for getting more story-content into the game. I wonder if we'll see more classes down the road, I haven't really thought of that before.

New classes and companions would be great and I'm sure if new classes and companions arrived, they'd have SGR options, in case they don't decide to give up on the romance content in the game altogether, which I don't believe they will.

I love playing my smuggler and I dearly love his interaction with Corso and it would be great to see that relationship 'bloom' so to speak, but if the writer, in this case Hall Hood, decided against it for artistic reasons, I could certainly live with that (maybe a teeny, tiny bit begrudgingly, but still ).

I wonder if there are any classes, already in or maybe future ones, that are more SGR-compatible than others. The smuggler certainly strikes me as one, since he/she is basically using his/her sexuality more than once to get out of tight situations, so a natural "fluidity" so to speak seems fitting to me.