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01.17.2013 , 11:03 AM | #7
Pve gear will never be bis in pvp. I did a test on pve gear over recruit gear a full pve gear player is by far better then today's recruit. Mind you i have a full optimized war hero set for tanking. But wanted to see one what people would say and what pve gear does.

I thought i be toast in pve raid gear but i was not, I raped the other team when focus the healer kept me alive when player complained i was in pve gear and they were in full war hero getting raped by the other team. I was the only one in the warzone to get a kill against a LD50 premade on my server in that match. I am a stealth class though so i pick my fight well.

Then i went in a war zone with recruit gear with small hp pools guess what i died like real fast. So this tells me over recruit pve gear is better and over pve gear war hero is better. I have all but 2 peaces of war hero dps set ATM. Will i get my last 2 dps war hero peaces hell yes.

Would i rather have a pve gear person in a war zone then the nub in recruit yes the pve person is more productive then a recruit gear person. Real sad that the lobie pvp gear is not as good as a pve set. With the new changes this may change.

I am not one to say ever that pve gear in pvp is the right thing to do i am saying pve gear is better then the full recruit gear any day. A pve gear person just doing war zone in pve gear as they think it is better some how are dead wrong.