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I'm curious if the coloring for the outfit looks as expected when you are in a conversation. We are looking into this issue and any information can help us track down what is occurring. The details already provided have already given us some excellent leads and we hope to get this all sorted out quickly.

Colors in cutscenes have higher saturation than they do ingame. It's easiest to spot when wearing something with a muted color like the slave girl outfit. It looks like a very pale pink ingame, almost white, yet looks more pink in cutscenes.

A way to spot the difference in pallets is to equip two characters of different species with the same outfit and compare them in the select screen. Equip a Chiss and Human in the elegant loungewear top and switch back and forth in select screen. The color difference is subtle and I thought it was an optical illusion due to the contrast between the blue of the outfit and the character's skintones but look at the shading and you will see actual differences in color saturation and/or contrast. The pallet of the characters is affecting the pallet of the armor.

Another way this difference is obvious is to equip the slave girl top with the formal skirt, on some races (human) the pink of the top and white of the skirt are almost identical before matching, while on other races (Rattataki), the top is clearly pink and the bottom clearly white and they won't look 'matching' till you select the matching option.