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01.17.2013 , 10:55 AM | #4
I think you forgot how much marauders/sentinels suck to level. They really pick up fast past level 30-40, but before that you're stuck mashing Assault a lot between your 3-4 moves. I'm currently re-leveling one now on a new server, so I am for sure feeling those growing pains.

Assassins are beasts in single target pvp, their burst is very powerful. They also do competitive PvE dps, but have to use their Madness tree, which is more like a melee sorc than assassin. I can't speak on the strength of sorcs, as I haven't played one past level 14 or so.

The key difference is at the level 50 "elder game", those 2 classes just don't have the same tools combined with the high level of damage that a Marauder/Sentinel has.

In the end, it's the player that defines it, not the class.