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01.17.2013 , 10:54 AM | #11
Seem to be some errors in what people are saying here. The best companion for a DPS Sorc is hands down Talos, you can do more with a healer companion than you ever can with a second DPS; Talos is what you should normally be running with. If you're looking to solo Heroics then why you would be trying to use another DPS companion is beyond me. You need a tank or healer, so either Talos or Khem Val are the only options you should be looking at (yes Khem Val is a superior tank than Xalek).

As for the best DPS companion, it's KH-51; and yes he is far better than anyone else. Of course if you can't get him because you are F2P then I would almost suggest spending the money to unlock him; otherwise there is no best between the regulars. I would venture to say ranged DPS is probably better for the Sorc though.