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Have to disagree with you there. Spamming tk throw is force efficient but it is hardly your most efficient damage output and playing balance right. Project on the other hand can do near 4k instant when crit and when proc, so of course it should be used. Don't often use earthquake (certainly not on less than 3 people) as it lacks burst. Also ROOF comes from frequent use of weaken mind which for some reason you did not mention and it is one of the key abilities of balance.
Telekinetic Throw = 4 * (0.079 * 1610 + 0.79 * Bonus) / 2
Project = (avg(0.165, 0.205) * 1610 + 1.85 * Bonus) + 0.50 * (avg(0.073, 0.113) * 1610 + 0.925 * Bonus)

In terms of DPS, yes, Project is better than Telekinetic Throw. However, in terms of DPF, there's absolutely no contest. Project costs an ENORMOUS amount relative to its damage, whereas Telekinetic Throw is significantly mana-positive. Project should really be reserved for movement phases, and then only if you're *absolutely* confident in your mana pool.

Regarding Weaken Mind, as long as you aren't clipping and you have the 21 second duration, I can't see how you would go OOM refreshing your dots on cooldown. The only possibility really is that you're wasting time and force by burning the Presence of Mind proc on Disturbance (which should be removed from your bar).

With respect to the proposal itself, this would *massively* unbalance the Balance tree in terms of DPS output. Balance would suddenly be able to use Project on CD, which would be huge. TK Effusion belongs exactly where it currently sits: out of reach of both Balance and Hybrid builds.
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