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nope, no set time. However missions update when you zone and you get the screen load, so going to and from your ship or if you have quick travel to another planet like the Black Hole quick travel legacy perk that will refresh your mission list. Also, whenever a mission is successfully completed and you get the results, that seems to refresh the mission list for that tier. You have to remember though that any mission currently being run by a companion won't show up in the list again until that mission has been completed.

A lot of people looking for a specific type of resource will head to their ship and once outside their ship send their companions out on all the missions they don't want for a given tier and then board their ship. Once on the ship they will look at the refresh list then cancel all those missions they don't want and pick up the missions they do want. They then do the same thing before leaving the ship so they can get missions they want when they get off the ship.
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